Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of projects will be accepted? 


Any volunteer team can sign up to complete a self-designed community service project of their choosing, as long as they receive any and all necessary permissions to complete the project safely.  Projects accepted for the Community Project Bank can vary widely as well, we just ask that they be no longer than two hours, do not require power tools, and are not located inside an individual's private residence.


How many volunteers are required to start a team? 


There is no minimum volunteer number to start a team.  We invite any interested person to sign up to complete a self-designed community service project individually or they can request to be paired with another team completed a project from the Community Project Bank.


What types of projects have been submitted for volunteers to complete?


Many impactful projects have been submitted for completion in 2019 including tree trimming, helping with a mass mailing, assembling a storage unit, painting, inserting trim and wood chips at a playground, completing projects at the Roosevelt Park Zoo, general cleaning, preparing floral arrangements for hospice patients, building shelves and more!


When will our team learn what project we have been matched with to complete?


During the week of September  your team will be contacted with your project. If your project is to be completed at a non-profit you'll also receive the contact information of the organization. 


Does our whole team need to come to the breakfast to check in?


Teams can send one representative to pick up your shirts (while supplies last) for the team.  


This event rocks! How can I join the planning team for Magic Day of Giving?


Magic Day of Giving is organized by a group of volunteers from local businesses and organizations. The more the merrier when it comes to planning this event! Interested in getting involved? Contact us at